SYN-ESSENCE Syn-Ake Anti Aging Cream 1 fl oz / 30ml

  • Reduce wrinkle appearance up to 82%

  • Relax your skin for a smoother complexion

  • Cutting edge 'age-defying' skincare

  • Get all this from a topical cream without the need for painful injections

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synake cream

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"Alternatives like Argireline, don't even come close.."

New, Wrinkle Eraser with 'Temple Viper Venom' Dramatically Reduced the Appearance of Wrinkle Size by 82% in Just 28 Days!

IF you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to turn back the clock 10 years – You’re not alone..



Even if you don’t have ANY REGRETS, what if you could turn back time and live some of those youthful years all over again. Would you do anything differently? Maybe you’d do exactly the same things all over again?

Either way I’m sure you’d agree, to be able to look 10 years younger right now would be priceless to some.

Eternal Youth, Science Fact or Wishful Thinking?

It might not be as crazy as it sounds. Recent advancements in anti aging skincare have led to the discovery of a new ingredient that holds the secrets to longer lasting youth. This anti aging innovation is cutting edge science and is likely a ‘worthy alternative’ to having a ‘fountain of eternal youth’ in your own back yard.

(If you read on, make sure your sitting..)

Keeping your skin healthy is one thing. Effectively reversing the signs of aging by reducing wrinkles is another. If you could gucci-bag-jimmy-choo-shoeshave both of these things, you could say you’d be turning back the clock.

This new discovery has recently revealed it’s ‘age-defying’ secrets to help you..

  • Visibly reduce existing wrinkles on the forehead by 52%
  • Prevent fine lines around lips and eyes by relaxing the wrinkle causing muscle cells by 82%
  • Get firmer and more taught skin that looks 10 years younger
  • Improve collagen production and skin elasticity
  • Get all this from a topical cream without the need for painful injections


    “Botox alternatives like Argireline, don’t even come close..”

    To see these kind of results, the only options used to be either..

    no painful and costly Botox injections

    or even worse.

    no surgical facial tucks or lifts

    Brutal ‘Stone Aged’ Surgical Methods Are Old News..



    Times are changing and those brutal ‘stone aged’ injections and wrinkle-tightening-face-tucks are fast becoming ‘old news’. Besides, who truly likes paying for your own face to be injected, only to feel like a swollen water melon for days after, no-one!

    There’s Good News..

    Modern scientific discoveries are driving forward new cutting-edge innovations and the times are moving fast. Recent developments in anti aging skin care ingredients have made it possible to develop a safe, pain-free and cost effective option to reduce wrinkles up to 82%, without the need for intrusive injections or painful surgery.

    Until recently the ability to reverse the appearance of wrinkles on such a dramatic level, was unheard of. Studies have also revealed, Botox alternatives like Argireline don’t even come close. 


    Introducing: SYN-ESSENCE™ Anti Aging Cream with Syn-Ake®

    SYN-ESSENCE™ with Syn-Ake® is the ultimate advancement in anti-aging moisturizers and age-defying creams. SYN-ESSENCE™ combines Syn-Ake® with antioxidants and skin cell re-generators working in synergy to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful complexion and radiant looking skin.


    Discover How to ‘Relax Your Skin’ for a Smoother Complexion

    The reason this cream is so popular with famous stars is because they already know about the proven effects of this ingredient..

  • The Rich and Famous use this; You can too! (You deserve it, right?)
  • Test results show Syn-Ake  10 x more effective than Argireline for wrinkle reduction
  • Use SYN-ESSENCE daily, and You’ll be the envy of onlookers
  • Don’t be surprised when your friends want to know Your Secret to younger looking skin

    (Not quite ready yet? Read on to see famous stars using this..)

    synake creamPowerful Wrinkle Reducing Ingredients No Longer Reserved for Only the Rich and Famous

    Its was inevitable,  the exotic and powerful age defying ingredient Syn-Ake couldn’t be kept secret for long. Its no longer simply a luxury reserved for the super-rich and famous.

    Here’s what the media reported about the new wrinkle reversing ingredient..

    Until now, products containing the ingredient, nicknamed ‘Botox in a bottle’, have been the preserve of expensive salons and specialist stores. Its famous fans are said to include Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham.’*

  • ‘Viper’s venom secrets are finally revealed, apply just a few drops (and you’ll feel like a glamorous star)
  • Your smooth complexion will look fab with the Gucci travel bag and Jimmy Choo’s
  • London, Paris, New York or Rome, use Syn-Ake and you’ll turn heads wherever you are
  • You already know beauty attracts wealth right? Just think what your return on investment will be, on this little jar!

    Smooth Away Wrinkles with a Snake Bite? (Don’t Be Fooled by the Name..) This Age-Defying Ingredient Keeps Your Skin Tight!

    The discover originally came from the actual venom of the ‘temple viper’ snake. It’s hard to believe the same chemical reactions caused by snake venom, hold the secret to wrinkle free skin.



    For this same reason, Korean and Swiss pharmacologists have proven this cutting-edge solution works wonders.

    The chemical reaction has been replicated synthetically and harnessed as a 100% totally safe ingredient with proven results.

    The safe synthetic ingredient (scientific name:- dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate), promotes a chemical reaction on a cellular level, blocking neurons from receiving signals. These same neurons would normally cause muscle cells to react, tense up and cause wrinkles.

    When you apply Syn-Ake, the muscle reactions are blocked, allowing your skin to smooth out, reducing the signs of wrinkles.

    Studies also revealed the effects of Syn-Ake scored much higher than any other similar ingredient including Argireline hexapeptide-3.

    Studies Revealed Positive Results



    Both Vitro and Vivo studies have shown positive results. The measurement of the wrinkle smoothing effect of SYN®-AKE (4%) was compared to a placebo. A cream was applied to the forehead twice daily for 28 days. The study included 15 volunteers per group (age 40–60)



    The smoothing effect (reduced Ra) was measured on 80% of the volunteers and reducing the appearance of wrinkles was (reduced Rz and Rt) measured on 73% of the volunteers. Following a 28 day trial period, wrinkle depth was reduced by 82% just 2 hrs following application.

    Syn-Ake v’s Argireline, and the Winner is..the-winner

    You may have already heard of Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3) the botox alternative ingredient made famous on the Doctor Oz TV show. Now you have a new alternative. Syn-Ake® works in a similar way. Neurotransmitters within the synthetic venom debilitate the muscles surrounding wrinkles. This results in the muscles complete relaxation, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

    I know what your thinking..

                                         ‘If Argireline and Syn-Ake® went head-to-head, which would be best?


    Here’s the answer..

    Argireline has been a leading ingredient for years although Argireline is more suited to delicate areas under the eyes. Syn-Ake® is much more suitable for the ‘face, forehead and neck’.

    Here’s why..

    In a recent independent study conducted to compare Syn-Ake to Argireline, it was  found that after applying Syn-Ake twice daily for just one month, subjects saw smoother skin and 52% wrinkle depth reduction in comparison to just 4% and 2% for Argireline respectively.

    So has Argireline finally been demoted?

    anti wrinkle test resultsWe don't think so! Neither should you..

    You might think we’re a little biased here at the SYN-ESSENCE™ office since Argireline has been a long time favorite and we still believe its ideal for delicate areas under the eyes.

    With that said, the clear winner in the wrinkle reducer ‘head-to-head’ and because the independent studies have clearly demonstrated Syn-Ake is the perfect non-surgical wrinkle reducer, its a clear winner.

  • Boost your wrinkle reducing power x10 when you use Syn-Ake
  • The best age-defying choice for your face, neck and forehead
  • Watch your skin improve every time you apply a few drops
  • Never leave the house again and regret not trying Syn-Ake

    See What Others Are Saying About Syn-Ake..

    Don’t usually review a wrinkle product but I really see a big difference in the depth of my pronounced smile lines. After a month or so, very noticeable results. It kind of snuck up on me because I had no expectations.
    April. J - LEEDS, UK
    “I found this to be the best working anti-wrinkle cream I have tried, and I have tried many…works great for my frown lines which are getting much less pronounced. You must use this everyday for at least a few weeks to see results and continue use.”
    Veronica.T - MO, USA
    “It does what it says. This is important. It works. Nothing is permanent not even this but the results all day are remarkable”
    Phylis. R - CA, USA


    And It Comes with A Full 30-Day

    “Money Back” Priority Guarantee!

    Try it with No Risk!

    We are so certain that you’ll be over-joyed with the effects of SYN-ESSENCE…and that you’ll get RESULTS by using it…

    and that you’ll love it in fact…that we are now offering a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WITH EVERY PURCHASE.


    P.S. Syn-Ake is not the easiest ingredient to get hold of and we’ve had to limit the initial amount of jars we can supply at any one time.

    P.P.S. For a limited time only you can also lock-in FREE Worldwide shipping although this offer may end at any time. To ensure your supply arrives quickly and to begin seeing the benefits of this cutting-edge anti wrinkle formula as soon as possible, order your supply today – its backed by a full 30 day guarantee so the risk is on us, all you have to do is try it!







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    You're reviewing: SYN-ESSENCE Syn-Ake Anti Aging Cream 1 fl oz / 30ml

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