Saffron Extract Appetite Control Aid 88.5mg Capsules by Zenulife - Weight Loss

  • Control food cravings to lose weight by stimulating natural chemical reactions in the brain

  • Supplies the 'mood lifting' chemicals serotonin and dopamine, WITHOUT needing to eat calorie packed foods

  • Use saffron extract and you can eat whenever you want (because you'll no longer have the urges to snack on unnecessary foods)

  • 100% guaranteed premium extract to curb carbohydrate cravings

  • 60 Capsules per bottle, 88.5mg per capsule (one per serving), vege caps suitable for vegetarians

Scroll down to read about 'Strange Chemical Reactions in Your Brain that Control Snack Food Cravings' and..'Why Eating Less to Lose Weight is a Myth'..

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Saffron Extract Appetite Control Aid Capsules 88.5mg each (60 Caps Per Bottle)

Discover How this 3000 Year Old Exotic Spice Finally Reveals the Science Behind Your 'Munchie Food' Cravings..

..And How YOU Can Take Advantage of its Remarkable 'Brain Changing' Effects to Lose an Extra 5 lbs Every Week!


5 Little Known FACTS About Saffron Extract..


1. For Over 3000 Years due to its long list of health benefits, Saffron has been the most prized and desirable spice ever Saffron Extract Videotraded.

2. Appetite suppression is one of the uses of Saffron Extract, (its said to be the ideal solution for controlling emotional eating cravings that satisfies 'mood receptors' in your brain!)

3. Controlling carbohydrate intake is essential if you want to keep the extra weight off (unless you're burning a lot of carbs on a regular basis, then I'm sure you'll agree that eating too many carbohydrates is a sure fire way to gain weight..).

Saffron extract is said to suppress and control appetite and calorie intake by boosting the mood lifting brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine- Eliminating cravings for snacks and munchies.

4. Triggers that effect mood and emotional eating through stress can be caused by a combination of things including work, money and the general stresses of day-to-day modern life. Saffron stimulates your brain's serotonin levels and prevents the cravings for carbohydrate rich foods.

5. Snacks and sweet foods are usually the foods of choice for emotional eating cravings. By 'emotional eating' I mean the times your brain thinks about 'eating' when your body doesn't really need the food for energy.

Saffron extract is the answer to preventing these thoughts, sweet cravings and snacking on high-carbohydrate foods.

Why Eating Less to Lose Weight is a Myth

You may have heard that to lose weight you need to 'eat less', but we all know its not as simple as that.

Because who in their rightdiet-myth mind would eat less only to be left feeling hungry all day long? (I'm sure you'll agree that keeping to a diet simply using will-power alone, often doesn't work..)

The answer is to eat MORE of the foods that are actually beneficial to the function of your body and daily needs..

..and to eat LESS of the foods regarded as 'junk' foods that are packed full of calories and carbohydrates, simple right?

But we all know its not that easy!

Because you already know that junk foods contain little to NONE of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to function and keep healthy, so why do we do it..?

The key is to know how to control the urge to snack on these foods.


Do You Ever Think "I Need to Eat a Snack?"

Here's why..

IF you've ever felt like you could just eat something sweet, maybe a chocolate, cake or pudding, then you're not alone.

the science behind food cravings

When you start to crave snacks, the first thing you do is look for something to eat thats full of carbohydrates, right?..

..because carbohydrates give your brain the quick hit it needs to boost the mood lifting chemicals serotonin and dopamine.

I began to research why sometimes all of a sudden these food cravings and thoughts just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

What I discovered would explain the key to controlling the urge to snack on foods in-between meals.

To begin to understand why these food craving thoughts appear you need to understand the science behind the chemical reactions in your brain.

Understand why it happens to you

Only when you know why these thoughts appear from nowhere can you begin to prevent those thoughts occurring using natural and healthy ingredients (saffron extract is one that can do just that!)

Let me explain..

control chocolate cravingsIts totally normal and healthy to experience ups and downs in your mood. After all, we're all human beings with real human feelings.

Feeling a little down is sometimes unavoidable (which by the way is totally normal, especially with all the stress in today's life).

When you need a mood lift, your brain tries to tell you that you would benefit from a boost of serotonin and dopamine, (the chemicals in your brain that trigger happiness and the feeling of contentedness).

Carbohydrates obtained through sugars and sweet foods feed these cravings and supply your brain with the chemicals your brain needs for the quick 'mood lift' -and in extreme circumstances these same thoughts can lead to food addictions!

 Here's the good news..

saffron flowerIt doesn't have to be food you crave. Many people use other more harmful stimulants to provide the mood lifting chemicals the brain sometimes needs, although if your own cravings point to foods, then here's the good news..


  •  Saffron extract stimulates the brain to produce serotonin so your brain no longer craves the 'mood lifting' carbohydrates, resulting in appetite controlweight control and ultimately weight loss

  •  Saffron has the same chemical effects on the brain as carbohydrates, to make the brain feel good (but without the weight and zero calories!)

  •  Eat whenever you want to (because you wont have the urges and you'll snack significantly less when using saffron extract)

  •  100% Guaranteed to curb your carbohydrate cravings

  •  60 Capsules per bottle, 88.5mg per capsule (one per serving), vege caps suitable for vegetarians


Promoted on TV by doctors..

I'm not surprised that saffron extract has been promoted on TV by the revered Dr OZ Show..

dr oz talks about appetite control



Controlling appetite is an important 'pillar' for achieving your weight loss goals. You will begin to control your appetite without even thinking about food to eat less without the hunger, without the calories and without the weight.

Try Our Premium Saffron Extract for 60 days with No Risk!

If you're not satisfied that this extract helps curb your calorie cravings, simply let us know within those 60 days, return the bottles and you’ll receive a no questions asked refund. I can only say this because I know this product WILL curb your cravings for carbohydrates and that it WILL help you to lose weight because science doesn't lie!

Control Your Appetite for Calories Staring Now!

 Saffron Extract x 6 Bottles

Saffron Extract x 3 Bottles

Saffron Extract x 1 Bottle


PS - As soon as you place your order it will be picked, packed and shipped to arrive with you within 1-2 business days from one of our stock locations in the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, France and Germany (whichever is nearest to you.)

PPS - This premium extract is not your 'run of the mill' low quality saffron. Its premium cultivated extract and sometimes demand outweighs supply and we can't guarantee continuous availability. So to be sure you don't run out after one bottle, and to ensure you receive all the benefits from this premium quality extract, multiple bottle purchases is highly recommended. 


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Saffron Extract ingredients:

:saffron supplement facts

1 bottle of Saffron Appetite Control Extract contains 60 capsules

Directions: Take one capsule per serving

Write Your Own Review

You're reviewing: Saffron Extract Appetite Control Aid 88.5mg Capsules by Zenulife - Weight Loss

How do you rate this product? *

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