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PURAFEM Red - Anti Aging Serum & Nano Repair Argireline Cream

PURAFEM Red - Anti Aging Serum & Nano Repair Argireline Cream

Product Review (submitted on 18 February 2012):
I am very pleased with the company support from this site. When I didn't receive the shipping in three days, I contacted them by email and received an immediate response explaining that after the Dr. OZ segment, they were behind on shipping. My order was shipped that same day and I received the product in three days. I've continued follow up correspondence with the same support person!
I'm very please with the product after five days of use. It lifts and firms and does help to diminish wrinkles. I apply it another brand of cream I had on hand at this point, but will explore other creams offered by this company.
The price for the product is very fair compared to other offers on line and I'm very pleased!


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