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Livotrol Liver Detox And Cleansing Support Food Formula 60 Capsules


Livotrol is a natural food combination of herbal extracts, powders and vitamins that can provide essential nutrients that your body needs to be able to..

  • Support your bodies natural cleansing and detoxification process
  • Help your body to flush internal congestion and toxins
  • Receive nutrients for a healthy liver and gaul bladder
  • Maintain a healthy metabolism




Often over-looked, the liver is one of the most important organs to support your good health and well-being..

LIVOTROL Provides You With Essential Nutrients To Help

Your Body Maintain And Support A Healthy Liver

Your liver is your bodies major internal detoxification organ. Your liver is also involved in your bodies ability to convert nutrients into essential fuels that your body requires like proteins, fats, carbohydrate and glucose.

The liver filters over a litre of blood every minute and affects nearly ever physiological process of the body, performing over 500 different chemical functions and damage to it can result in serious consequences. A healthy liver removes toxins that inevitably enter your body that may include pesticides, hormones, food additives, alcohol, medications, microorganisms, and more, (toxins that are invisible to the eye can be absorbed by the body from our environment and from our foods).

Your liver’s health and efficiency may also be directly correlated with other general health factors sometimes over-looked, including but not limited to..

leaf Healthy aging
leaf Skin health and odor
leaf Increasing energy levels
leaf Weight management

So If you sometimes feel lethargic, lacking energy or if you’re over-weight and over 35 years then your liver health should be a priority to maintain good health and longevity.

Today’s modern diets, lifestyles and toxic environments place excessive stresses on this most important organ.

No matter how hard your liver works to eliminate all impurities, some toxins inevitably accumulate in your liver’s cells. Liver problems can potentially be very damanging to your genral health and well-being.

Livotrol contains selected foods and herbals that provide nutrients your body needs to help maintain a healthy liver

  • Choline – 82.5mg
  • Biotin – 8mcg
  • Artichoke Extract (25:1) 2.5% Cynarin (equivalent to 4800mg artichoke powder) –192mg
  • Garlic Extract (Allicin 1%) of which 0.5mg Allicin – 50mg
  • Burdock Root Extract (4:1) (equivalent to 160mg powder) – 40mg
  • Parsley Leaf Extract (4:1) (equivalent to 100mg powder) – 25mg
  • N-Acetyl L- Cysteine (equivalent to 15mg cysteine) – 20mg
  • Beetroot Extract (0.3% Flavones of which 0.6mg flavones) – 20mg
  • Liquorice Root (Glyryrrhiza Glabra) Extract (4:1) (equivalent to 80mg powder) –20mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – 10mg
  • Beetroot Extract (10:1) (equivalent to 80mg powder) – 8mg
  • Fennel Seed (Foeniculum Vulgare) Extract (4:1) (equivalent to 30mg powder) –7.5mg
  • Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) Extract 10:1 (95% Curcumin) – (equivalent to 50mg Turmeric powder of which 4.75mg curcuminoids) – 5mg
  • Ginger Root Powder – 5mg
  • Cayenne (Capicum Frutescens) Extract 7:1, 100au Capsaicin – (equivalent to 30mg powder) – 4.2mg
  • Dandelion Root Extract 5:1 (3% Vitexin) (equivalent to 10mg powder) – 2mg


  • Vegetable cellulose capsule – 90mg

  • Ingredients: Choline Bitartrate; Artichoke Extract (25:1); Vegetarian Capsules Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose); Garlic Extract (10;000); Burdock Root Extract (4:1); Parsley Extract (4:1) (Maltodextrin, Parsley Extract); N-Acetyl L- Cysteine; Beetroot Extract; Liquorice Root Extract (4:1); Anti-caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source); Alpha Lipoic Acid; Beetroot Extract (10:1); Fennel Seed Extract (4:1); Turmeric Extract (10:1); Ginger Root Powder; Cayenne Extract (7:1); Dandelion Root Extract (5:1); Vitamin B7 D-Biotin.



450mg per capsule x 60 capsules. Take 1 – 2 Livotrol capsules three times each day, with other foods or as required.

For a more thorugh natural detoxifiication support programme try the Zenulife Ultimate Detox Programme.

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