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ColCure Colon Cleanser Natural Detox Formula 100 Capsules


  • Aid digestion and detox your body naturally with this excellent colon cleansing food supplement
  • Helps you clear intestinal blockages (that may encourage stomach pain relief)
  • When your colon is clear it may assist you to absorb more nutrients from your foods
  • Get rid of unwanted toxins in the body, helping you to feel much healthier




Colcure™ COLON CLEANSER is a food supplement combination that can help encourage the colon to clear congestion from the inner colon wall.

Over time a poor diet, taking medication and many other factors can cause a lack of peristalsis which in turn increases the build up of hard fecal matter on the bowel wall. This barrier of waste sticks to the bowel and colon wall and hinders the absorption of nutrients whilst food is digested becasue the nutrients cannot pass through the barrier.

If the body is not receiving the appropriate nutrients from foods the body will automatically feel hungry for the right amount of vitamins and nutrients which may even make you feel like you want to eat more.

The waste matter build up can literally amount to you carrying around pounds in excess weight and should be removed as often as possible. The ingredient combination in Colcure may help soften blockages and gently stimulate and tone the bowel wall enabling unassisted bowel movements over time.This would also help get rid of the excess weight.


For a more thourough natural detox program using natural food extracts you may benefit from the Zenulife Detox Program.


Nutritional Information – Tub Sizes: 100 vegetarian capsules per tub. You should see immediate benefit within the first week however best results are achieved when taken continuously for 2 to 3 months, together with improved eating habits.

Recommended Dosage – 2 capsules taken 3 times per day with food or as required. Some clients will require far more than 8-10 capsules per day for the first week.

For best results can be combined with the complete detox program.

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