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Organic Coconut Oil Benefits

7 Eye-Opening Health Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil

Nutritional content and health benefits of organic coconut oil, is often underestimated..

Here are no less than ‘7 health facts about coconuts’ that will make you wonder why your pantry is not already stocked full of these nutrition packed, over-sized health nuts!

Coconut Fact # 1 for healthy hair. Natural coconut oil promotes healthy hair growth. It prevents protein loss and gives your hair an incredibly healthy shine.

Coconut Fact # 2 for Anti Aging skin care. Coconut oil is packed with a generous serving of vitamin E, an excellent moisturizer for your skin.

Coconut Fact # 3 Its not biased about your skin type either! When applied, organic and natural oils protect your skin. It’s the reason why dry, oily, combination and even aging skin is refreshed and moisturized correctly without irritation.

Coconut Fact # 4 for weight management. Did you know, coconut oil increases your metabolism to effectively increase energy burn, helping you to manage a healthy body weight.

Coconut Fact # 5 It’s a healer too. Coconut oil’s antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial attributes prove it to be effective in preventing infections, effective in treating bruises and repairs damaged tissues in your body.

Coconut Fact # 6 for stress relief. You only have to.. (..think-of-the-soothing-aroma-of-coconut-oil-right-now..) and you’ll already know, the natural scent can soothe your mind and lower stress levels. Massage just a small amount into your head in a circular motion to effectively ease mental fatigue, or better still, ask someone else to do it for you and experience relaxing bliss.

Coconut Fact # 7 What digestion problem? When taken internally, coconut oil improves your digestive system preventing various digestion related dilemmas. It helps your body to absorb essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals fast.

The scientific composition ‘spiel’:

Natural coconut oil is 90% saturated fatty acids namely:- lauric, capric, caprylic, myristic, and palmitic acid. It also contains linoleic, oleic acid and poly-phenols which give the oil it’s taste and fragrance. Vitamins E and K, plus other minerals like Iron are also found in coconut oil making it extremely healthy for you, your body and your skin.

If you consider your good health to be valuable then you’ll certainly know why this over-sized ‘health nut’ should be worth more than it’s weight in gold.

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