zenulife guarantee

Your 'buy with confidence' guarantee!

We are confident that when you shop at your satisfaction is guaranteed with every order. Our promise is simple..

If you aren't completely satisfied with your product simply let our dedicated support team know and return your product to us within 60 days, in return for a no questions asked refund. Our dedicated support team are available at OnlineCustomerCare



What happens when your order?

As soon as you add products to your cart and click 'checkout' you'll be asked for your shipping address and payment details.

We currently accept ALL major credit cards and PayPal.

As soon as you submit your information, your order will be processed, picked and packed.

Usually, delivery is received within 1-3 business days for UK mainland orders. International shipping is usually received within 7-10 days depending on your receiving location.

If at any time you feel you need to contact our dedicated support desk, simply send an email to OnlineCustomerCare and our support team will
respond to your question as soon as possible.

Due to the nature of the products once opened and used they cannot be put back into stock. Items returned in the same condition as when shipped will qualify for a full refund less shipping costs. Opened items returned would qualify for a refund less shipping costs, less a restocking fee for each product returned.

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