Symptoms of Diverticulitis Disease & Diverticulitis Treatment

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What is Diverticulitis Disease

Diverticulitis disease is a common digestive system disease that is the result of pouches being formed on the outside of the colon. These pouches can get food particles stuck inside of them and become infected. The pouches form because of increased pressure in the colon. When food or waste gets stuck in the pouches, also called diverticulitis, an infection sets in.

Symptoms of Diverticulitis

There are three classic signs of diverticulitis disease; abdominal pain, fever and increased white blood cell count. Pain is the most common symptom and the pain is usually located on the left side of the lower abdomen; this pain may also include tenderness to the touch. Occasionally the pain is on the right side and a CT scan is needed to rule out appendicitis.

When infection is the cause of the symptoms of diverticulitis three can be many other symptoms besides pain. You could also be experiencing nausea and vomiting. Constipation can also occur, as can feeling hot while having no real fever. The severity of the symptoms depends on how advanced the infection is and if there are any complications.

Diverticulitis usually worsens throughout the day. There may be very few symptoms in the morning, but by evening you could be experience sharp pains and vomiting. The infection will require antibiotics and possibly surgery of this is a reoccurring problem; also an infected diverticulum can burst and lead to a severe infection of multiple organs.

Diverticulitis Treatment

Since the cause of diverticulitis is the infection of the pouches that form on the intestines, the diverticulum, it is probably best to treat the diverticulum than to wait until you have a full blown infection. The first step in preventing the pouches is a high fibre diet. You should get this fibre from whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This “roughage” is needed to keep the colon clean and the pressure balanced. You should also drink plenty of fluids to keep your bowels moving properly.diverticulosis-treatment

Another good strategy is to use garlic on salads. Garlic is helps prevent infection and if you use it on your salads you are getting a few servings of vegetables into your diet. If this is not possible you need to consider a garlic supplement. Goldenseal and chamomile are good choices as well because they can prevent infection and inflammation. Aloe Vera is an excellent herb to treat your digestive tract problems. You will also find peppermint soothing and refreshing.

Constipation is a major cause of the pouches or diverticulum.  Good diet and plenty of water are needed to treat and prevent constipation. Taking a 30 minute walk at least five days a week will also aid in bowel movements. Exercise keeps your body balanced and working efficiently. For a little extra help do abdominal exercises because these can also help you keep regular bowel function.

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