Stretch Marks Treatments, Causes and Prevention

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Stretch marks as they are called in dermatological terms ‘Stria’ are forms of skin scarring. These may appear with an off-colour, purple, pink red or dark brown lines in the skin. Stretch marks appear in the middle layer part of the skin dermis which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin and allows the skin to keep its form. When the skin stretches to a certain point due to rapid expansion, the skin dermins can weaken and break and stretch marks begins to appear.

Stretch marks can usually appear in the parts of the body where large amounts of fats are stored. Like the abdomen, arms, thigh, hips and buttocks. Although stretch marks have no health risk the reason to look for a stretch mark treatment is to reverse the scarring in the skin.stretch-marks-cream

Stretch marks may develop on women during pregnancy where rapid expansion of the skin on a short period of time occurs. Other causes of starch marks are poor nutrition, weight gain, family history, multiple pregnancies and hormonal changes and also genetic influences.

Although we cannot completely prevent starch marks developing in our skin, there are some ways to reduce the risk of developing stretch marks. One is good nutrition, eating fruits and vegetables, proper skin care by using moisturizer than can be used to massage the skin to promote better circulation, drinking plenty of water and taking some supplements to nourish the skin from within. Losing weight can also help to reduce the risk of  stretch marks appearing.

Although some minor stretch marks may heel themselves and simply fade away over some time, researchers also conducted studies on how to treat stretch marks in a quicker way.

To name a few there are laser treatments, micro dermabrasion and prescription creams.  Laser treatments, tummy tucks and functional laser resurfacing are new and modern surgical methods to treat stretch marks.  These methods involve surgical processes and are therefore expensive and sometimes intrusive.

On the other hand, there are alternative treatments to reduce the appearance of stretch marks which are very receptive and are a cheaper alternative to surgery.  Skin specialists have developed new methods to create treatments from mechanical microdermabrasion machines used in spas, surgeries and skin centres and also to replicate an alternative home microdermabrasion treatment  such as Nanoderm microdermabrasion stretch marks cream.

This product does not only eradicate stretch marks it also aids in the reduction of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin to bring back its youthful glow.  This product contains natural anti-oxidants and inflammatory ingredients, hydrolyzed vitamins, micronized marine salts, extracts from herbs as well as corundum crystals.

Nanoderm cream also reduces blemishes and marks caused by burns and sun damaged as a result it stimulates and aids in the production of new and healthy skin cells promoting good cellular regeneration.

On the market today, Nanoderm is one of the cheapest yet a very effective microdermabrasion cream and safe products you can count on as an alternative to mechanical and surgical microdermabrasion.

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