Pure Green Coffee Bean on the Dr OZ Show – This Little Bean!

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Previously Dr OZ reported how you could lose weight by burning fat cells on a cellular level using the benefits of raspberry ketones as a supplement. Who would have  thought this could be complemented with yet another proven recommendation to control weight. This time it’s pure green coffee bean extract.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe not..

Dr Oz was skeptical until scientific studies reported that both men and women lost 22 pounds over a twelve week period simply by supplementing their diet with pure green coffee bean extract. Two viewers also tested the supplement over a 5 day period prior to the show airing on TV and boasted losing 2-6 pounds in just 5 days without doing any exercise or altering their normal diet.


Lyndsey Duncan, a naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutritionist described how the active compound chlorogenic acid contained in the supplement works by burning glucose in the liver and inhibiting sugar release into the blood stream which prevents the sugar converting into fat.

Lyndsey Duncan who was questioned by Dr Oz recommends a Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

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