Parasites in Humans – Causes, Symptoms & Remedies

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What are Intestinal Parasites

The parasites that are the most trouble to humans are intestinal parasites. The most common are single cell parasites and worms. A parasite is an organism that feeds off of another organism and makes the organism it is feeding off of weaker or maybe feel sick. Parasites can live anywhere in the human body but worms and other nasties people commonly suffer from live in the intestinal walls. The plaque build up on the walls of the intestines parasites-in-humansis a prime breading ground for parasites.

The single cell parasites, or protozoan, are most common in people with a compromised immune systems. They are named cryptosporidium, microsporidia and isospora. You can have one or all of these parasites at the same time and it is common for most people to carry parasites without even knowing. Intestinal worms can be present in anyone and the eggs are so tiny they are hidden in foods and cannot be seen with the human eye unless you really know what to look for.

You can become infected with parasites through contact with contaminated soil or sand, water or undercooked food. You can become infected either through the skin or by ingesting the parasites.

Parasite Symptoms


There are many symptoms to a parasite infection. They range from mild to very severe. Common symptoms are coughing, abdominal pain and cramping, bloating, gas and diarrhea. It is also possible to suffer from nausea, constipation, bleeding, colitis, fevers, chills, anemia and other digestive disturbances.

Symptoms of a parasite infection that may not immediately make you think of intestinal parasites are weakness, dizziness, chronic fatigue, weight loss, swelling, joint pain and blindness. People may also experience a vitamin B-12 deficiency, skin ulcers, night sweats and mental changes.

Parasite Remedies


Prevention is your first line of defense when dealing with parasites. Make sure you wash your hands frequently and clean any surfaces you use for food preparation with hot, soapy water or an appropriate disinfectant. Your food should also be cooked properly and avoid eating any undercooked meat. If you are a pet owner they should also get the proper veterinary care to eliminate and prevent parasites.

When you are traveling make sure that you do not drink the water, especially in third world countries. Avoid restaurants that look unclean. When you are camping never drink water unless it is chemically treated or boiled first.

This is true no matter how clean the water looks; even crystal clear mountain streams that look and taste pure are usually full of parasites that your body is not used to.

parasite cleanseColon cleansing and a high fiber diet are important to get rid of and prevent parasites. Eat plenty of roughage every day including vegetable, fruits and whole grains. You should eat parsley because the chlorophyll will also keep your gut clear.

The pro-biotics in yogurt and kefir can keep bad microbes at bay while keeping your intestines full of the good bacteria that are healthy for you. You can also use milk thistle, thyme, cloves and Echinacea to clear up a parasite problem.

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