Herbal Detox, Alternative to ‘Gastric Bypass’ or ‘Band for Weight Loss?’

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Is Herbal Detox the Alternative to ‘Gastric Bypass’ or ‘Band for Weight Loss?’

Obesity is a very alarming health issue that is confronting the world today. The issue is not on the aesthetic value alone but more importantly the risks and complications associated with being obese. In relation to medical procedures and methods that help reverse  obesity a good weight management program can be a preventative measure against the health risks and complications related to being obese.

The most debated and trending medical procedures that address obesity are performed on people who think that exercise and diet gastric band for weight losscould no longer work for them.

There is a procedure called ‘gastric banding’ and this surgery aids weight loss. This procedure comprises of a band that is placed around the upper part of your stomach to create a small pouch to hold food.

The band limits the amount of food you can eat by making you feel full after eating small amounts of food. The other surgical procedure is called ‘gastric bypass’. With this surgical procedure an area of the stomach is stapled and then rerouted to bypass a segment of the small intestine.

Both of these procedures are used to help weight loss in severe cases of morbid obesity. Recently, lead researcher Dr. Michel Suter, chief surgeon at Chablais Hospital in Aigle said that ‘gastric bypass is more effective in terms of direct results for weight loss’.

He further added that bypass has a lower risk of having long term complication or the possibility of repeat surgery because usually the band erodes and needs to be removed thus requiring another operation.

It was also found out that after 5-6 years his patients that underwent banding gained weight again, had a high cholesterol level and the procedure reversed compared to the ‘bypass’ patients which has a consistently low cholesterol and sugar level. In this context they conclude that having a gastric bypass maybe more risky and complicated however it has a low risk of long term complication and as well can be more effective.

On the other hand, apart from these expensive and risky procedures, there are natural and cheaper ways to an effective weight management and to prevent obesity by the use of detoxification using herbal detox proven to be safe and effective.

Due to poor nutrition and bad eating habits results to lack of peristaltic movement causing the build-up of the hard fecal matter to colon wall resulting to the blockage of nutrients absorption in the body. In the end you will feel hungry all the time and will eat more but not passing toxins causing the body to gain weight, that can eventually lead to obesity.

Being in an obese condition will lead to many health complications and one of the many is type 2 diabetes which rate has been marked as parallel to that of obesity in the last 50 years.

Due to the fact that surgical procedures to lose weight are very expensive and too risky that may endanger life. Naturalists and many scientists conducted studies to find natural ways to lose weight avoiding ‘under the knife’ procedures.  The use of herbal detox products rids the colon from being congested with fecal build up in the inner colon wall.

Herbal detox encourages peristaltic movement which is responsible for good bowel hygiene. The herbal detox products work effectively to pass out toxins and unwanted wastes that are blocking the gastric walls.

Thus proper nutrients will be absorbed by the body and as a result you will feel less hungry and you can manage your weight and prevent being obese.

On the other hand, for those people who gained weight and also have diabetes, one effective natural way to help you get back in shape while managing your blood sugar on a  is to consider ganoderma.

Ganoderma lucidum is the scientific name for red reishi mushrooms or as it is sometimes referred as ‘the miracle mushroom ‘. It’s basically a fungus found in specific tropical areas in Asia. According to studies of researchers one test conducted on patients with type ii diabetes which is mostly associated with obesity , 71 patients who were given ganoderma lucidum for 12 weeks significantly reduced the and consistently manage and reduced their glycosylated haemoglobin A1c.

In addition, ganoderma has an active ingredient that increases the metabolic rate. When metabolic process is fast the body uses more energy to digest the food we eat this energy fuels the breakdown of fat deposits and harmful calories in our body which leads to weight loss.

With the breakthrough of these natural ways to lose weight that prevent complications related to being fat or obese, we now have a choice other than expensive and risky procedures and rather chose these safe and effective alternatives that assures us of a cheaper, painless, and natural way to get back in to shape.

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