How to Curb Calorie Cravings When Food Temptations Become Irresistible..

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“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.. ..I can resist everything but temptation”- Oscar Wilde

How the heck can you possibly keep lean and belly-fat-free, with all the delicious looking (calorie packed) food TEMPTATIONS around you?
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Garcinia Cambogia Extract

I was recently on a short trip, partly a holiday and I was lucky enough to visit an Island in Malaysia– on the island of Penang.

I was there mainly for a business trip just for a couple of days and I was lucky enough to stay in one of the nicest 5 star hotel resorts overnight.

As you can imagine, there were a lot of holiday makers at the resort having a great time, (the sea view pool was sublime) and if you’ve ever been to Malaysia you’ll know its a mixing pot of all cultures, all religions and all races– Asian, (Chinese, Indian, Malaysian), Westerners and Arabian/Lebanese holiday makers, businesses and an exciting mix of people living there.

The 5 star resort hotel included a breakfast in the overnight price and it was simply amazing what they would serve for breakfast..

However, from all the mountains of food available just for breakfast, I would say that..

90% of All the Food was OVERPOWERING

Far too many calories and far too much to indulge in for breakfast.. (I know they say cities are built on breakfast but this was ridiculous – I hadnt planned on building an entire city that day all by myself and breakfast was more like lunch and evening meal for a week all rolled into one single sitting!)

I can hear you saying..

“OK but this is a holiday resort”

..and YES I agree, (after all its your personal choice if you take it or leave it, right?)

Many people there would have been experiencing and indulging for maybe just a week or two.

I was only there for one day and I was appreciative of that–and I WAS tempted to indulge in this FEAST of a breakfast.

IF I was faced with that temptation every single morning for a week or two.. I’m sure I would be tempted to pile my plate higher and higher with all the delicious foods that were being served at the ALL INCLUSIVE overnight deal.

SO, I wanted to highlight today the FACT there is temptation EVERYWHERE and I can’t blame YOU for ‘being hooked’ or falling for the temptations now and again, once in a while, (as I was..)

.. once in a while giving into temptation is fine (we all gotta live right!)

Although if you find yourself giving into food temptations often in your normal daily routine..

IF you’re easily ‘hooked’ by the calorie cravings and sugar temptations surrounding you, then a product that’s now been recommended by Doctors Worldwide that comes from a natural fruit grown in South East Asia, helps to convert the sugars you and I eat into energy, rather than fats.

If you find yourself falling for the sugar temptations now and again OR giving in to the calorie and carbohydrate cravings then who could blame you for being tempted once in a while..

If this IS you then I would recommend that you also check-out a product that’s actually been proven in medical and clinical research to convert sugars into energy.

I was Amazed at the Research on this..

It turns the sugars you eat into glycogen instead of fat cells, (which would normally be stored as fats in reserve).

It helps YOUR body build more muscle mass instead of fat and once you build up that muscle, the muscle burns 20 times more calories than fat cells would burn, (even whilst you’re resting)

Here’s the blue link..

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