Flatulence – Causes, Symptoms & Flatulence Remedy

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What is Flatulence

Flatulence is caused by the expulsion of gas from the intestines by way of the rectum. There can be many causes for flatulence such as gulping in air while eating or drinking. You can also cause an excess of built up gas or wind in your system by chewing gum because you swallow a great deal of air while doing this.

flatulence remedyFlatulence can also be caused by diet. If gas is not caused by swallowing air then it is usually a bi-product of bacteria in your digestive tract breaking down food that you cannot digest.

People with lactose intolerance get gas because their bodies cannot digest milk products, but there are bacteria in the intestines that can. This is also true of certain vegetables and beans.

Vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower are very good for you, but the body has a great deal of trouble breaking these vegetables down; the same is true of beans. Again, there are bacteria in the intestines that do break them down and gas is a bi-product of these bacteria breaking down the food

Flatulence Symptoms

The symptoms of flatulence are very common. If you do not pass the gas you can have bloating and pain in your abdominal area. Your pants may feel tight and unfortunately holding the gas in can cause constipation since the same muscles that pass the gas also help you pass a bowel movement.

Flatulence can also cause embarrassment because of the noise it can make and because of the smells it may produce. There are many chemicals in flatulence that can cause an odor; such as methane.

Flatulence Remedy

Since diet is one of the main causes of flatulence, dietary changes are advisable if you want to control flatulence. Unfortunately some of the healthiest foods we can eat are also the ones that cause the most gas. If need to start a healthy diet and are not accustomed to eating foods like beans and broccoli it is best to start slowly.

You should not avoid these foods altogether, but instead add them to your diet slowly. This will give your body time to adjust and start producing enzymes that can break these foods down.

flatulence remedyThere are many herbs that can reduce the amount of flatulence that your body produces in response to food. Cumin, coriander and caraway all stop the body from producing gas. These herbs taste great and you should add them to as many foods as you can. You can also use turmeric and ajwain to control gas. Pro-biotics found in yoghurt and kefir can keep the intestinal flora balanced and can also keep gas at bay.

The last change to make is in your habits. If you have excessive gas and chew gum it may be time to give up the habit. You should also chew your food slowly, thoroughly and with your mouth closed.

The more your food is chewed the easier it is for your body to digest. Drinking with a straw can decrease the amount of air swallowed when you drink, so use a straw whenever possible. Carbonated beverages also cause more gas so you may need to cut soda from your diet.

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