Colon Problems & Natural Colon Cleanse Supplements

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What is Colon Cleansing?

Colon cleansing is the process of cleaning toxins from the colon and intestines buy eating a proper diet and taking supplements that colon cleanserspeed the cleansing process. Colon cleansing has been around since ancient times. It rebuilds and restores you colon to the proper function, shape and size.

Colon cleansing is necessary because the toxins that accumulate in your colon can get into your blood stream and affect your other organs. Cleansing the colon rebalances your body’s chemistry and it can help tone and strengthen the muscles of the colon.

Colon Problem Symptoms

It may be hard for you to determine if you need a colon cleanse because you have been living in a state of imbalance for so long. You should ask yourself if you are feeling run down and tired all of the time. If you are suffering from a lack of energy than it may be time to cleanse your colon.

If your skin and hair are not as vibrant as they used to be it could be another indication that your body is not functioning at the optimum level. Another sign is constipation and a feeling of bloating in your stomach. When your pants are not fitting the way they used too, it may be time to consider a colon cleanse.

Natural Colon Cleansing Herbs & Supplements

Cleansing your colon starts with changes to your diet. You should consume a diet that includes high amounts of fiber rich foods. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains should be the backbone of your new diet. Not only are these foods high in fiber, but they contain many nutrients essential to keeping your body healthy. Another important factor is water consumption. It is vital that you keep your body, and thus colon, hydrated. Exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles will also help keep your digestive tract running properly.

Peppermint aids in digestion and it is a great herb to start with when you want to begin cleansing your colon. The leaves of the Aloe Vera plant and cascara sagrada bark both help move waste through your system. Fennel can help with any cramps or bloating you experience as you add fiber rich foods to your diet.

Eating yogurt or taking a pro-biotic supplement will also help clean out your colon. The pro-biotic bacteria help keep the number of good bacteria in your digestive tract high and also help boost your immune system.

Goldenseal root has anti inflammatory properties and can stop inflammation in the intestines; it also kills the germs that are growing in the waste lining your colon walls.

Licorice root is a natural detoxifier and can act as a mild laxative. The fiber found in apples also helps cleanse the system and regulate bowel movements so you should consume apples or and apple fiber supplement.

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