Coated Tongue Causes & Thrush Symptoms

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Coated Tongue Causes

When you look in the mirror and stick out your tongue, does it have a white tongue coating on it?

This is a condition known as coated tongue. It is a build up of bacteria on the tongue and it can be the cause of a host of bacteria and coated tongue causesother organisms as well as food particles and dead cells. It could also be the beginning of thrush symptoms. The film or white coating produces acid that can contribute to tooth decay. This is because the bacteria in the film make the acid as a bi-product when they break down food; which is usually sugar. This bi-product is what causes the odour and bad breath.

Most bad breath comes from the tongue and can therefore be eliminated by cleaning the tongue and keeping it clean.

Coated Tongue Symptoms

Symptoms of coated tongue are of course the white film that covers the tongue. This film can be especially concentrated in the back of the tongue. Another symptom is a sticky feeling in the mouth and foul breath. More severe symptoms can include cavities and rotting teeth.

It is possible that this condition could also be symptomatic of other more serious diseases so it is important that you consult you medical advisor if the symptoms are not alleviated or reoccur frequently.

Coated Tongue Remedies

The best remedy for coated tongue is good overall oral hygiene. Since the bacteria that cause it, grow everywhere in the mouth therefore you cannot just focus on the tongue. You need to floss once a day, preferably twice.

If you only floss once make sure that you do it before bed so that food particles and plaque do not sit in your mouth overnight. You should brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day. If you cannot take a toothbrush to work so that you can brush after lunch, there are now one time use toothbrushes available at drug stores.

It is wise to invest in a good tongue scraper. Manual cleaning of the tongue is the best way to get rid of the film once it has already formed. If you do not have a tongue cleaner it is better to use a plastic spoon than your toothbrush. Make sure that you clean as far back as you can without gagging yourself.

There are many herbs that can help keep your mouth clean and free of coated tongue. Mint is excellent for keeping the mouth clean and fresh smelling; as is parsley. Citrus fruits, especially lemon will kill bacteria and lemon juice makes a wonderful natural mouth wash. Commercial mouth washes can dry the mouth making bacteria growth worse.

A swish with lemon juice followed by a serving of fat free, plain yogurt will keep bacteria at bay for up to twelve hours naturally. This is because the probiotics in the yogurt replace the harmful bacteria in your mouth and keep it from coming back.


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