Candida Albicans – Causes, Symptoms & Remedies

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What is Candida Albicans

Candida Albicans is a fungus or yeast that normally grows in the mouth and digestive tract. When the growth is in check there are no harmful effects due to the yeast. When it becomes overgrown it results in a candidiasis infection. These infections are especially prevalent in children in the form of thrush and in people with compromised immune systems; such as people living with HIV and people undergoing cancer treatments.

Thrush is a candidiasis infection of the mouth, but women can also get a yeast infection of the vagina. Men are not immune, though, and they can also get the infection on their genitals. Yeast infections for women are caused by an imbalance that allows the yeast to grow out of control.

Diabetes, stress, harsh soaps and nutrient deficiency can all cause Candida albicans to grow out of control and the result is the unpleasant yeast infection that many women have had to suffer through.

Candida Albicans Symptoms

Thrush causes white patches in the mouth. This is often the only noticeable symptom of a candidiasis infection of the mouth. Yeast infections of the vagina cause itching and burning. There is also often a cottage cheese like discharge that accompanies a red rash. The yeast infection can also cause vaginal soreness.

If you believe you have a yeast infection it is best to see your doctor before treating it yourself with over the counter medications. Bacterial vaginosis has many of the same symptoms but will require anti-biotic treatment. If you have chronic yeast infections it is often better to take preventative steps rather than always having to treat infections.

Candida Albicans Remedies

There are many things that you can do to prevent yeast infections. You need to eliminate most of the sugar from your diet because the sugar feeds the fungus. Eating fruits that are high in acid is another good dietary measure. Eat foods such as citrus fruits and cranberries. Cranberry juice is a good drink for preventing both yeast infections and urinary tract infections.

Garlic shows promise as an anti-fungal treatment. Adding garlic to your diet can be a healthy and tasty way to protect yourself from fungal infections. Also eating uncooked greens can help balance the body. Eating salad everyday that is made from spinach, romaine lettuce, arugula or other greens except iceberg lettuce is advisable. Diet can offer powerful protection from Candida Albicans.

You should begin eating yogurt that contains live and active cultures at least two or three times per day. A supplement that contains acidophilus, or the cultures found in yogurt, can be taken daily to help stave off yeast infections and is an effective candida albicans cure.

Kefir also contains these active cultures, or probiotics; kefir is a fermented beverage that has anti-fungal properties. It can be found next to the yogurt in the grocery store.

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