Breast Pain and Breast Swelling caused by Fluid Retention

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What is Breast Pain/Swelling

Breast pain and swelling can be caused by many things. It can occur when your breasts are swollen to the point where they are tender to the touch and even the touch of clothing can cause pain. This condition can make it very difficult to do the simplest tasks not to mention any type of exercise or even simple movements like breast swellingwalking.

Breast swelling can be caused by monthly water retention due to a woman’s menstrual cycle. The water retention can also be caused by excess sodium (salt) in your diet which naturally causes the body to hold more water than it normally requires.

Another cause of breast pain and swelling could be fibrocystic breast disease although this is less common than water retention. This is not dangerous but it does cause cysts to form in the breast tissue. Excess caffeine can irritate the condition and cause a great deal of pain. It is best to keep caffeine consumption to a minimum to reduce the pain and swelling. Caffeine also contributes to water retention.

Even if you have been diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease if you should have any new lumps that form you should have it checked by a doctor as a matter of routine. However breast pain due to swelling during the menstrual cycle is usually caused by water retention.

Breast Pain/Swelling Symptoms

Breast pain and swelling can make your clothes and bras uncomfortable to wear due to tenderness to the touch.

You may have trouble wearing close fitting tops and find that opting for baggy tee shirts might be a more comfortable compromise. Wearing bras could also prove to be uncomfortable if you have swollen breasts due to excess water retention. The skin on your breasts may also become tight and shiny due to the skin tightening.

It is common to experience tenderness when experiencing water retention. You may start going out of your way to avoid bumping into things. Due to the pain many women stop exercises and may limit the amount that they spend walking around. Breast pain and swelling can seriously inhibit normal activity levels.

Breast Pain/Swelling Remedies

The first step in eliminating breast pain and swelling is to reduce the amount of salt in your diet. That means not only sprinkling less on your food at the dinner table; it is also wise to read product labels and not eat anything with a high salt (sodium) content. This will include many packaged and processed foods.

Maintaining a diet with whole, natural foods is not only beneficial to eliminate water retention it is a wise diet choice for general health benefits. Bananas are a good natural food because the large amount of potassium in bananas can counter the sodium levels in your body. If you are consuming caffeine on a daily basis you will also need to reduce the amount of soda or coffee that you drink to no more than one or two servings a day.

Drink more water!

It sounds strange to drink water if you body is holding more water than usual but in fact drinking water has quite the opposite effect on your body. Drinking more water encourages your body to rid excess water. 8 glasses of clear water each day should be a minimum requirement for healthy body function.

There are also many herbals that can assist your body in removing excess fluids and reducing breast pain and swelling.

These herbs either help the lymphatic system filter out the fluids or they help the liver with its job of filtering toxins from the body. Cleaver, dandelion, horsetail and burdock root will all help the body flush away excess fluids.

Taking these herbs can help keep your body clean, detoxify and stop breast swelling and pain.

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