4 Simple Steps to Avoid Unexpected Health Problems (its not what you think)

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At the end of this post you can download today’s ‘No B.S’. Healthy Foods Cheat Sheet,

But first..

I want to share something with you today that flipped my way of thinking about personal health on its head and that is..

Some important things you can do today to improve your health include…

  • Clean out your body, expel toxins and ‘reset’ your digestive system
  • Allow your body to absorb ALL the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from your foods
  • Reduce impurities in your body to improve new cell generation
  • Improve weight control and management
  • Increase energy levels and prevent lethargy
  • Help skin complexion and tone by eliminating pollutants
  • Give yourself a ‘fresh start’ and encourage good health

..is to detoxify your body naturally.

I know this now, although this wasn’t always the case.

You see my mother had always been a registered nurse and medical health books were all around the house when I was a child. Although I only seriously started ‘looking out’ for my own health in my mid-thirties. By this time my father had already suffered a massive heart attack and 4 members of my immediate family had all been diagnosed with different types of diabetes.

It only made ‘good sense’ that if I were to stay healthy as I grew older, I would need to be able to control my diet, learn about nutrition, staying healthy and how to age youthfully the best I could.

Although it wasn’t until after a few years traveling to different countries around the world that I discovered how lifestyles, diets and nutritional intakes differed so greatly in different cultures to that of my own Western culture. I eventually settled in Thailand and you’d be surprised just how fresh, organic and healthy some of the foods here really are.

Being healthy is about looking good on the outside – AND feeling great on the inside.

Whilst living in Thailand I was first introduced to natural detox. I couldn’t believe just how different you can feel after detoxing built up impurities and toxins that inevitably everyone accumulates over the years.

I experienced and learned that detoxing your body is the first and best thing you can do.. to begin living a healthier lifestyle and to feel better.

Following a natural detox your body has the ability to work more efficiently to convert and extract energy from food and absorb the nutrients your body needs to function at its best. It helps you to begin feeling much more energetic, less fatigued, have less ailments, control your weight and be more healthy in general.

It’s a great idea to eat healthy foods, take more exercise and ‘cut out’ any unhealthy bad habits but UNLESS you’ve cleansed your body first, these other changes won’t be as effective.

4 Simple steps for a healthier YOU..

To ensure you’re allowing yourself to be as healthy as you possibly can be, your first steps to a healthier you include..

  1. Cleansing the liver: Your bodies toxin remover and ‘gate keeper’ for anything entering your body
  2. Eliminate all parasites in your intestines (the ones all humans carry without usually ‘realizing it’)
  3. Flush the 15 to 20 feet of your digestive colon to rid ‘built up’ and decaying toxic waste
  4. Boost and refresh your digestive system with ‘friendly bacteria’ and probiotics to aid digestion and prevent health problems arising

Even IF you only completed step 1 on this ‘straight forward’ list,  it would be likely that your liver would be operating more efficiently than 95% of the worlds population.

SO, to help you get started and without further ado, here’s today’s No B.S. ‘Swipe and Deploy’ Health Info Cheat Sheet for your reading (and implementing) pleasure..

Your Good Health Liver Survival Guide: 7 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Liver Today!


To Your Good Health!

John Baxter
PS – Its great to read about good health but ‘doing’ and taking action is what really makes a positive difference to your health and your life!

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