30 Delicious Foods with Almost ZERO Calorie Count That’ll Kick Your Food Craving’s into Touch and Knock Your Taste Bud’s Socks Off!

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One of the easiest things you can do today to start ‘doing’ effective weight control is to go ahead and stock up on some of these almost Zero Calorie foods that will kill your in-between meal cravings AND satisfy your nutritional needs.

IF you’re looking out for your own weight (as I always am) then this little list of fantastic snacks and are almost ZERO CAL foods sometimes called Negative Calorie Foods, with highly nutritious content and are the ideal food craving munchies.

You can go right ahead and eat as much or as many of these foods as you wish since these little gems contain VERY FEW calories and EXTREMELY nutritious with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Also notice some of these snacks are ‘Super Foods’ which makes this particular list, one of the easiest ‘swipe and deploy’ weight loss tactics you can start doing today.

(If you need to stock up first, your can start tomorrow. The important part is actually starting.. :o)

So here it is, my very own list of almost Zero Cal weight loss food and craving crunchers (I’ve bold my personal favs)..

Asparagus, apple, beetroots, blueberries, broccoli, cranberries, cantaloupe melon, carrots, celery, chicory, cauliflower, cucumber, dandelion, endive, garden cress, garlic (a personal favorite)..

..Green beans, honeydew melon, hot chili peppers (if you’re a fan of spicy),..

..Lemons, limes, lettuce, mango, onions, orange, grapefruit (I love the pink ones!),..

Peach, pineapple, radish, raspberries, spinach, strawberries, tomato, tangerine, turnip, watermelon, zucchini and papaya (I’m ALWAYS astonished at the health benefits of papaya)..

..Ahhh, now I can breathe! :o)

Plus the USDA have kindly made available three fact sheets listing the calorie count and nutritional information here..

Download Raw Fruits Nutritional Fact Sheet

Download Vegetables Nutritional Fact Sheet

Download Fish Nutritional Fact Sheet

Download this blog post for reference in a handy ‘Swipe and Deploy’ cheat sheet here

What are you waiting for, grab some of those delicious craving crunchers to start managing your weight today.

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