Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS for short, is caused by monthly hormonal changes. Read more about PMS here or browse products below to relieve unwanted symptoms of a monthly menstrual cycle.

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  1. Best Krill Oil

    Pure Krill Oil (Omega-3 Phospholipids) 500mg x 60 Soft Gels by Zenulife

    Regular Price: $39.00

    Special Price: $26.00

    As low as: $23.00

    • Superb for promoting your healthy heart

    • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels

    • Supports increased brain function, concentration and memory

    • Promotes healthy joints, and joint comfort

    • Crammed full of antioxidants and anti aging goodness

    • Supports healthy nervous system function

    • Protects and strengthens cell membranes

    • Boosts your strong immune system, liver and skin health

    • Small and easy to swallow soft gels with no 'fishy' repeats

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    ► Pure Krill Oil delivers your omega-3 in the form of phospholipids, directly to your body's cells where it's needed.
    ► Scientific evidence shows the most effective carriers of essential omega-3 fats are phospholipids.
    ► You should know about other 'low cost krill' and fish oils that instead use free triglycerides, that are less beneficial for your health.

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  2. debloat-natural-diuretics

    DeBloat Natural Diuretic Water Retention Remedy 90 Capsules

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price: $39.00

    As low as: $29.25

    • Natural relief for bloating and swelling

    • Flush stored water caused by water retention

    • Supports a correct and healthy fluid balance

    • Irrigate your body safely and naturally

    • Eases common PMS symptoms

    • As recommended by Dr Mark Atkinson in 'Now' magazine

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  3. menopause relief capsules

    Menovax Natural Menopause Relief Supplements 60 Herbal Capsules

    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price: $37.00

    As low as: $29.25

    • Beneficial for the symptoms of menopause

    • Rid hot flushes

    • Prevent night sweats

    • Control mood irritability

    • Also suitable for all women of any age with irregular or difficult monthly cycles

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