The laws that regulate skin care ingredients are not very comprehensive and at times are not very helpful when you take a conscious decision to chose ingredients that are safe to apply to your skin and your families skin. After all you want to know what you are putting onto your skin and absorbing into your body right!

Here are 5 tips to help you when you are selecting your next skincare product.


Tip 1. When it comes to skin care, less is better. Using fewer products where possible will be better for your skin. Apply only what you require and only apply products with safe ingredients.

Tip 2. Remember marketing claims like “dermatologist-tested, ” “gentle” and “natural” do not necessarily mean anything useful to you – it could be marketing jargon.

Tip 3. The term ‘Fragrance’ is a general non specific term that can include hundreds of chemicals that can potentially cause allergic reactions. Skip products that use the term “fragrance” in the list of ingredients and instead opt for those that list each ‘fragrance’ ingredient separately.

Tip 4. Some ingredients can have harmful contaminants and impurities linked to cancer and other health concerns. Avoid these common potentially risky ingredients wherever possible:

  • DMDM hydantoin,
  • Diazolidinyl urea,
  • Imidazolidinyl urea,
  • Ceteareth,
  • Polyethylene glycol and PEG

Tip 5. When cleaning your body:

  • Do not use bar soaps with (triclocarban) or liquid soaps with (triclosan) on your body.
  • Do not use Moisturizers with (retinyl palmitate) or (retinol) in daytime skin products

Tip 6. When cleaning your teeth:

  • Avoid triclosan in toothpastes

Tip 7. For your lips:

  • Avoid applying products with retinyl palmitate or retinol on your lips.

Tip 8. When protecting your skin from the sun, very few sunscreens provide adequate sun protection and are free of harmful ingredients:

  • Avoid retinyl palmitate, aerosol spray and powder sunscreen
  • Zinc or Titanium are the best active ingredients, otherwise Avobenzone at 3%
  • Use SPF 30 for intense sun, use a lot and reapply frequently

Tip 9. Hair care

  • Avoid applying anything with fragrance, PEGs, ceteareths and polyethylene
  • Avoid Parabens: propyl, isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl
  • Avoid DMDM hydantoin

Tip 10. Your nails

  • Avoid Formaldehyde or formalin in polish, hardeners or other nail products.
  • Avoid Toluen & Dibutyl phthalate (DBP).
  • If you are pregnant, skip using nail polish altogether

Tip 11. For Children

  • Kids are more sensitive to ingredients than adults. Use as few products as possible and select them carefully.

Tip 12. For Babies,

  • Diaper Cream – Avoid Boric Acid
  • Baby Wipes – Avoid 2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1, 3-diol (bronopol)
  • Toothpaste – LIMIT fluoride toothpaste for kids who might swallow it (donot use at all for children under 2 years of age)

Tip 13. Download and read the articles on this website for a comprehensive list of skincare ingredients with impurities related to potential health concerns.



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